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“As a music teacher of some thirty five years standing myself, and an ex-Director of Music in schools, I can confidently say that Robert Wishart is one of the finest teachers I have ever known. There is nothing that his many years’ experience and long-time-honed expertise cannot handle.

He has taken my fifteen year old daughter from zero skills to a student of the junior school at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland in just five years. Because of Robert’s hard work my daughter has a strong technique, a safely developed belt-voice and the power to act through song. She can approach different styles with confidence and knows how to control and build a song. Aural and improvisational skills have not been neglected.

Robert’s friendly, yet professional approach has resulted in my daughter presenting as a confident individual on and off stage. She has been given the desire to practise, improve and progress; and her willingness to impress Robert at every lesson makes the 210 mile round-trip worthwhile.
Robert doesn’t merely teach – he inspires. His pupils do not just learn – they shine. His lessons are a long term investment in your or your son/daughter’s musical development.

I recommend unreservedly!”

Stuart Butterworth

Dumfries and Galloway

“I’d never been able to sing a note. One of only a handful in my class at school who wasn’t allowed into the school choir. So many occasions involve singing … Birthdays, weddings, funerals, singalongs at parties… I’d always try to avoid singing, the best I could manage was a tuneless mumble under my breath, all very embarrassing.

I decided to try to learn to sing at the age of 46 after a serious illness: I spent last New Year in hospital with sepsis, then needed months of treatment and then surgery before I was on the mend. I wanted something positive to come out of this time and, as I knew that singing has lots of health benefits, approached Robert to ask him if he could teach me to sing completely from scratch. This was one of the best things I have ever done. I did a lot of research beforehand and, although there were vocal coaches/singing teachers nearer to my home, I liked his positive attitude and track record of helping people to improve whatever their ability.

As a complete non-singer, I was extremely nervous before the first lesson– I had no idea how I would be able to sing on my own if I couldn’t even sing with other people. However Robert has a warm, down-to-earth and empathetic approach, very quickly put me at ease, and was so positive and encouraging, taking me through the vocal exercises, that it immediately boosted my confidence. Even after the first lesson I noticed a big difference and enjoyed practising my first song. Robert is very inspiring and after only a few lessons, I was delighted that I managed to join in at a singalong with friends and then sing at a karaoke party – my friends and husband were amazed at my progress!

I’ve continued with the singing lessons for 5 months now, and am overjoyed with the results in a short space of time. I really notice a difference in the quality of my singing voice, and also just how much I enjoy both the lessons and singing at home. Robert is not only a fantastic singer himself, he has a natural ability to teach, he really understands both the technical and psychological aspects, has unlimited patience and positivity and in every lesson is always encouraging gently to improve. When learning new things everyone has ‘blips’ but Robert has helped me to stay focused and overcome those. Every bit of the lesson time is made the most of, with vocal exercises as well as working on songs and I always leave energised and inspired to keep singing as well as learning loads.

After only a couple of months again with lots of encouragement I joined the ZigZag singing choir. I honestly never thought I would be able to sing in a choir, and again I felt very nervous and out of my comfort zone, but Robert’s vocal coaching had really prepared me and I really enjoyed my first choir charity night performance last week.

Both myself and my GP believe that learning to sing has helped speed my health recovery and prevented me feeling low; even after major abdominal surgery Robert tailored lessons to ensure that I wasn’t over-doing it whilst still making progress. It’s also helped me at work eg I feel more relaxed when public speaking and also knowing I have overcome my inability to sing makes me feel that anything is achievable.

I would recommend Robert’s vocal coaching to anyone whatever your level of ability. I wish I had done it years ago. At every step Robert has motivated me to sing better, with good humour and without ever making me feel uncomfortable or making it feel like anything other than fun. Being able to sing makes me feel happy and more confident and this Hogmanay I am looking forward to celebrating with a song! Thank you Robert from the bottom of my heart!”



“Robert Wishart has been my daughter’s (Beth Swan) vocal coach for five years and I would highly recommend him. He is dedicated, extremely knowledgable and passionate about his profession. Beth always looks forward to her vocal coaching sessions, she trusts and values Roberts’ opinion and invaluable knowledge including the mechanics of singing, how to get the best from the voice safely, musicaly etc.

Robert is anoutstanding vocal coach who cares about his students and wants them to gain the best voice they can possibly avhieve”

Morag Swan Rothesay

Isle Of Bute

“I began singing lessons with Robert Wishart just over a year ago. The transformation of my voice was incredible and within a month I was singing in public!
Roberts teaching has produced a voice I never imagined I could have !”

Gill Decroupe

Cellist BBC Symphony orchestra

“I have always wanted a career as a singer but have never had the opportunity until recently.  Robert has now been my vocal coach for 18 months and we have a 90 minute session every fortnight and this has helped me enormously to develop my vocal technique, my repertoire, my approach to songs and my wider performance skills.   I particularly like the fact that I can trust Robert to be totally honest, direct and realistic about areas where I need to improve and what to expect as I try and develop my musical career.  Robert has helped a variety of singers from across Scotland to become excellent performers and to launch them on their singing careers and I value his breadth of experience.  I have always foundRobert ready to help me find opportunities for live performance.  His studio is well equipped and his use of video recording and feedback is particularly helpful.   I would definitely recommend him to any other aspiring singers.”



Robert Wishart has been teaching my daughter Katelin since she was 9 years old , katelin has went from not being able to hold a note to singing all different genres of music more than I could have imagined . Katelin was a very shy wee girl who hardly spoke , since the time she has been with RobertHe has developed her voice , performance and gave her so much confidence as a person . Robert not only helps Katelin with her vocals but every aspect of performing on stage . Katelin really enjoys her lessons and has learned so much from Robert she has developed so much more than I could ever expected at her age , Robert also gives the kids opportunities to perform at charity events that him and his lovely wife organise helping a lot in the community , this helps immensely with Katelin confidence and performance  . Robert Wishart is the best in the business i would not send Katelin anywhere else looking forward to seeing Katelin progress even further than she has with Robert ”

Kelly Ann


“A brilliant teacher and genuine character. Arriving embarrassed after a lifetime of no musical talent whatsoever, i was impressed how quickly Robert made me feel relaxed and even capable of progressing to achieve my goals. Turned out i could sing, but not breathe right. Always professional, positive, really encouraging and fun, his lessons are tailor made for you. Continually, gently stretching your limits belies the physical workout this puts you through. When hard earned praise does come it brings a real sense of achievement. Not being a natural singer, i appreciate his dedication to the technical ground work. The breathing and vocal exercises are making me physically and mentally stronger, impacting on my whole life and confidence. I feel privileged to be under his tuition.”

Sue Ecuyer


“Robert has been my daughter Cara Gallagher’s vocal coach for the past few years. She has thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it and her vocals have improved tremendously. Also her confidence has significantly increased . He takes his work very seriously and is really enthusiastic. He has a way of bringing out the best in people. Would highly recommend him.”

Lorna Gallagher

“I approached Robert Wishart regarding singing lessons and despite my age at the time being 60 he took me on.Since starting lessons with Robert I have achieved advantages in leaps and bounds. With Roberts coaching I have now achieved a 3 octave range which is pretty good for someone my age. Robert’s teaching methods are very good, as we have fun times as well as the serious side of vocal training. Robert has given me a new confidence in my own ability and now I sing solos which I had never had the confidence to do before. I can highly recommend Robert as a vocal coach as I have seen the results which can be achieved.”

Morag Fraser

“Robert encourages you in a way that builds your confidence in singing. I never thought that I would be able to sing the choices that he made for me, but I’m glad that he did.”


learning late pupil

I approached Robert about 4 years ago for singing lessons after an illness had made it difficult for me to sing for the previous 7 years. Over these last 4 years Robert has been of great encouragement and has helped me improve my voice from the week whisper to the strong voice it is today. I also now have the courage and confidence to perform in public again, with his reassurance.
I would highly recommend Robert, not only for his skill in getting the best from you and your voice, but he is a friendly and inspiring person who will do his best to ensure that you improve your voice safely and without injury.
Jacqui Dennett

“Robert was recommended to me by a friend whose singing voice had come along leaps and bounds. Having been asked by a friend to sing at her wedding, I decided to bite the bullet and go for vocal coaching, which I’d always wanted to do and never had quite got around to – and I only looked at one person!
Since starting back in March 2016, I’ve found Robert to be extremely knowledgeable and also very friendly, and I’ve always felt comfortable and relaxed in the studio. His criticisms are honest and constructive and he’s given some good challenges, getting me to try songs I wouldn’t have thought of attempting otherwise. It had been a good few years since I’d sung in front of anyone, and my old, bad habits died hard. But now I’ve got my old voice range back, along with a lot of extra strength, and it’s given my confidence a real boost.
Robert has a great set-up in his small, professional studio and I’ve enjoyed singing to pre-recorded tracks as well as along with the keyboard. I’ve even enjoyed making a couple of recordings.
Hoping to enjoy many more lessons!”
Robert Has been coaching me for two years now and has improved my vocal range and technique dramatically. I really enjoy working with him because he makes the lesson fun and I feel totally relaxed with him. He is an excellent tutor.
Thank you Robert, for getting my voice back into shape for my upcoming U.S.A tour.
Gary Mullen – One Night of Queen

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“I began singing lessons with Robert Wishart just over a year ago. The transformation of my voice was incredible and within a month I was singing in public! Roberts teaching has produced a voice I never imagined I could have !” Gill Decroupe Read more testimonials


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