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I have worked as a professional keyboard player/singer for over thirty five years at home and abroad and as a vocal coach for over twenty years, giving singing lessons in the Glasgow area. In 1980 I studied vocal technique an anatomy for four years. This has equipped me with the experience and ability to correct poor vocal technique and performance skills and to diagnose a singers strengths and weaknesses as well as take any level of singer, beginner or professional and make them the best they can be.

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Vocal Health

Vocal Health

Vocal health is an integral part of being a singer. Just like any other musician, sports person, dancer etc it is of the upmost importance to keep healthy, remember, unlike any other musical instrument the voice is a living instrument and will work in accordance to how it is treated. In other words if you abuse your voice don’t expect it to perform at it’s best. So, how do we keep the voice (and body) in the best condition for singing.

Generally keeping fit will go a long way to keeping your voice in good condition. You wouldn’t be expected to work out like an Olympic athlete but a general level of fitness is required. I was told by my vocal coach many years ago to think of myself as a vocal athlete and to keep my voice and body well exercised.

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“I began singing lessons with Robert Wishart just over a year ago. The transformation of my voice was incredible and within a month I was singing in public! Roberts teaching has produced a voice I never imagined I could have !” Gill Decroupe Read more testimonials


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