Robert Wishart
Musician - Vocal Coach
 Robert Wishart - musician - vocal coach

About Robert Wishart

Entertaining for the past thirty years has credited Robert Wishart with a reputation as an outstanding performer.

As a keyboard player and classically trained singer, it allows him to perform everything from show songs to modern pop and has gained him great popularity in his home of Scotland parts of Europe.

As well as perfoming at live venues he now contributes the benefit of his years of experience and expertise, by coaching up an coming singers in all aspects of singing and performance in everything from pop to musical theatre.

Working as a vocal coach, Robert says "there are so many dedicated young singers performing in talent contests, it's an inspiration to help them improve their vocal and performance skills".
Helping singers not only to improve their singing but also confidence stage presentation and knowledge of the music industry.

Robert helped T.V. reality show Pop Idol winner Michelle McManus and BBC's Fame academy winner David Sneddon when they were competing in talent contests run by Robert.

Michelle says "Robert's help was invaluable and certainly helped me on the road to win Pop Idol"

In November 2008 robert was given the task of coaching nine non-singing BBC Radio Scotland presenters from the MacAuley and Co. morning show for children in need day.

The task was to get this group not only to be able to sing in tune as individuals but to group them together in a choir and sing in harmony, live on the show on children in need day.The task was to be completed with only six hours of rehearsal time over a nine day period.

In November 2009 Robert was commissioned by the BBC to teach TV personality Aggie MacKenzie from the hit show "How Clean Is Your House" to sing live on Radio Scotland's MaCauley & Co. morning show.
Aggie was to learn to sing the Status Quo song Rocking All Over The World even though she could not sing one note in tune.
With only three half hour singing lessons and some advice from Status Quo's Francis Rossi, she completed her task and managed to sing with Robert Wishart accompanying her on keyboards. Aggie and the producers were delighted with her performance.

The Singing Tutor
Robert found that as more and more people wanted to learn his methods of achieving a great voice that he created a programme which could be downloaded at any time world wide and would give people anywhere the opportunity to learn how to sing.

The Singing Tutor Programme is an E-Book with over eighty embeded audio examples and exercises which gives the student
the ability to learn to sing directly from their computer. (

The programme was designed for beginners and professionals alike who want to learn to sing to a high standrard without the expense of having to visit a singing teacher or vocal coach.

Personaltune Ltd
As well as vocal coaching Robert runs a successful company producing Birthday songs on CD.

This comedy birthday song was written for a friends 40th birthday but as more and more people asked for 3oth, 40th, 50th and 60th birthday songs, Robert decided to produce the full range which can be purchased from the website as a C.D or can even be downloaded.

Working with Robert most nights is his compere for the past twenty years, Andy Mcdade. They met up when Robert was working in Magalluf, Mallorca. and Andy was on holiday. Robert returned after eighteen months and their partnership evolved.

You can find Robert perorming at various venues throughout the west of Scotland.

The equipment set-up consists of two keyboards, bass pedals and drum machine. This is all being played through a state of the art Bose P.A. system which gives the sound equivalent to a five piece band.

The studio has facillities for all aspects of recording and tutoring.
Including a computer running cubase SX and Soundforge.
Audio recording is carried out on the Yamaha EWA 16 track recorder with a Rhode NT1 for vocals.

Glasgow U.K

For all enquiries, email Robert at or
telephone 0141 561 3410


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